Kitchen Refacing

We remove all the old laminate for the surface of a cabinet. Then apply a new color of laminate to the exterior of the cabinets. Additionally we repair minor cosmetic imperfections on the interior of cabinets. Old discolored shelving are removed and replaced with new one, plastic shelf clips or peg clips are replaced with aluminum surface mounts. When possible cabinets will be removed from the house and re-laminated at our shop to reduce the renovation impact on the house.

Kitchen Modifications

  • Have a Hood Vent but you want a over-the-range microwave?
    • We have been able to make the changes needed to nearly every cabinet the has come to our door. Color and age of the cabinet will effect the end result however, we will ensure a strong cabinet be returned with the least possible visual change.
  • No spot for a Dishwasher in the original kitchen design?
    • If your kitchen is large enough to accept a dishwasher we can make the changes to your base cabinets so one will fit. Every kitchen is different but we have the experience to make the necessary changes

Custom Built Cabinets

We can do full custom cabinetry through your home or business. Weather you have an idea of what you want or not we are able to come visit your location and discuss the job. What we build can be fit into existing tile without large trim molding. Drawers can be placed into nearly every base cabinet make accessibility every on the lower and deep cabinets.

Just to name a few areas:

  1. Bathrooms
  2. Laundry Room
  3. Garages
  4. Kitchens
  5. Outdoor Kitchens


We take pride in using Wilsonart Laminate for nearly all our job. However, we know there are time when Formica is needed for color or just preference. We can achieve the same high quality results with both products.

Thermofoil Doors

Today thermofoil door are installed on most kitchen and bathroom cabinets for two reasons. One undoubtedly is because of the variety of looks available in the door. Second is the cost, cost today are becoming ever so close to the same as that of a tradition slab door.

Next Steps...

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